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BHRT For Women

Menopause symptoms can be vastly improved or eliminated with BHRT

Menopause Treatment for Women in Indianapolis

Adrenal Fatigue

Bioidentical Hormones can help treat Adrenal Fatigue and Thyroid Issues

Adrenal Fatigue and Thyroid Disorders

BHRT For Men

Improved libido, muscle tone, and sexual function can result from BHRT

Testosterone Replacement Therapy for men in Indianapolis

Harry Stoller, M.D. – Indianapolis Bioidentical Hormones

At Advanced Metabolic Solutions, Dr. Stoller specializes in prescription natural bio-identical hormone replacement therapy for both women and men. He can also customize a vitamin program, as nutritional needs are as unique as a fingerprint. With bio-identical hormones, he can also help a patient’s memory stay sharp and often improve it, help skin stay more youthful, and show patients simple and safe ways to increase growth hormone levels. He can also help to develop a patient’s own individualized weight management program to help he or she achieve maximum weight loss and keep the weight off. Dr. Stoller can show patients how to lower cholesterol without a prescription, and he has helped cancer patients with nutritional support. If patients have diabetes, there are new treatment options.

At Advanced Metabolic Solutions, he will take a functional medicine approach to health care needs.

Whether a patient wants to maintain his or her current good health, or if he or she already has a disease, Dr. Stoller examines how the body works and designs a treatment plan for the individual. He does not mask symptoms with medications, and instead identifies and repairs the cause of the problem and uses medications only when necessary.

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Programs

Patients that have opened a newspaper or turned on the television during the past several months have likely heard the debate swirling around bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. When the government-sponsored Women’s Health Initiative Program recently halted it’s study on the use of equine estrogen plus progestin (the synthetic non progesterone) because of an increased risk to breast cancer and coronary artery disease in those taking these NON bio-identical hormones, menopausal women everywhere were anxiously turning to their doctors for advice. At Advanced Metabolic Solutions, Dr. Stoller can assist patients in cutting through the clutter of controversy surrounding the use of foreign versus bio-identical hormones.

Dr. Stoller’s Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Programs reflects his beliefs that Doctors prescribe too many medicines. Medications are helpful, but over-prescribing can lead to complications and unneeded expense. Over-prescribing is a result of the severe time constraints on doctors. Ten minutes with a patient is inadequate to solve deep-seated problems. One drug prescription after another is the result, doing little to reverse the aging process, whereas, bio-identical hormones can get to the root of an issue.

He also feels that a healthier body will help other conditions. By treating the entire body instead of just the current condition, patients can achieve better health and enjoy life more fully. Reducing weight, lowering cholesterol, or better diabetes management can help your overall health. Bio-identical hormones can help you feel more youthful. A well-balanced bio-identical hormone therapy regimen can increase performance and bring back some of your youthful energy.

Lastly, Dr. Stoller feels that aging is a disease, not an unchangeable condition. Aging is a disease, not a natural phenomenon, and it should be treated. By identifying the risks present and then correcting them, aging can be slowed or even reversed, increasing health and wellbeing.

Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy has helped protect women from osteopenia, depression, plus many other issues. Men have had reversal of the symptoms of andropause, fatigue, weight gain, muscle loss, and declining libido.

With proper dosing, which can be done with the twenty-four hour urine determination, virtually eliminates this problem. Thus, this has proven to be an exceptionally safe and beneficial therapy. In the long history of Dr. Stoller using Bio Identical Hormone Therapy, there has never been a complication, or issue that a simple dose change could not manage.

Conditions Treated With Hormone Optimization

At Advanced Metabolic Solutions, Dr. Stoller treats a vast number of conditions, and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy can help intestinal issues, Adrenal Exhaustion, Menopause, Perimenopause, Thyroid Issues, Sleeping Issues, and Andropause problems. Bio-identical hormones can also help hypothyroidism or low thyroid hormone production, which is frequently associated with under production of cortisol by the adrenal glands and Iodine deficiency.

Sleep disorders often are related to a lack of essential amino acids, and when replaced the problem abates.

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Intestinal problems cover a wide array of issues, such as pathologic fungal and bacterial growth, frequently steming from previous antiobiotic use, Often the bowel wall integrity is disrupted allowing things never intended to leave the bowel and leak into the vascular system, doing so, causing a wide range of problems. This issue has been glossed over in traditional medical training.

Often numerous other issues are rooted in intestinal problems, and until corrected, true healing is simply not going to occur! Behavioral problems are often rooted in this area, resulting in amino acid deficiencies. This problem can become very complex, requiring significant expertise and testing.

The negative information provided by the media lumps all Hormone Treatment into one group. This is unfortunate because there are major differences. The World Health Organization stopped their study short of completion because of increased problems seen with the foreign estrogen from pregnant mare’s urine, plus a synthetic progestin, also a foreign substance. None of these are used in a Bio-identical Hormone Program. The hormones are from either soy, which have no soy side effects, or the wild yam, and are molecularly identical to the hormones the human body makes.

In Dr. Stoller’s practice, he uses the twenty-four hour urine method, which is the most accurate method of determining these values. Today, Dr. Stoller only uses the twenty-four urine measurement initially to determine the hormone levels present.

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